Tapa Negra

Tapa Negra

For a balanced diet: <br/>meat

For a balanced diet:

Perfect <br/>in a sandwich

in a sandwich

Always <br />on hand

on hand

Tapa Negra

Tapa Negra

Gluten Free I Source of protein I Rich in Iron

The time-honoured recipe:
an unmistakable taste and texture

The secret lies in how we select the best liver and meats and, using our own special technique, finely chop them into rice-size pieces to achieve that special texture and taste. We add salt, and we season with pepper and onion to enhance their delicious flavour, perfectly served on a slice of bread. It’s no surprise that La Piara Tapa Negra has already been enjoyed by three generations of Spaniards.

“With La Piara Tapa Negra, you can’t go wrong”

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