Producto Hummus El huerto

New Vegetable Garden Traditional Hummus.
The perfect dip, anywhere... anytime.

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Water shower

At La Piara, we package our recipes hermetically and we put them through our Water Shower®, a similar system to a traditional ‘bain Marie’ to conserve all the ingredients properly, using no added preservatives.



We bring a little variety to your diet:


We prepare delicious recipes
to spread on all types of bread.
Discover our new combos.


Ready to eat, for a delicious snack any time.


The new Vegetable Garden Hummus.
Try and dip them with your beloved ones!

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Productos Tapa negra

A recipe with an unmistakable flavour and texture.
Also check out how this long-time classic has been developed
for adult taste buds.

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Productos Tapa de Colores

Your kids’ sandwiches are very important.
Discover our fantastic four.

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Productos El Corral

Three recipes to make fabulous chicken sandwiches.
What’s for dinner? Curry, pesto or chilli?

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Productos El Huerto Bodegón

Five recipes with natural ingredients prepared with only the best vegetables and pulses. We present our chickpea, artichoke and aubergine hummus and our chopped veggies for toast.

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Productos La Lonja

Three delicious recipes with a real taste of the sea.
Try our creamy cod, salmon and tuna pastes.

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Productos La Dehesa

Their flavours will take your taste buds on a journey without ever having to leave home. Three creamy pastes with unmistakeable flavours.
Choose from Pepper, Fine Herbs or Black Pudding.

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Productos ecológicos

Two very tasty organically-produced recipes.
Do you like classic or curry-flavoured hummus?

We cook our recipes just like
you would at home.

For over 30 years, our chef Pere has been taking care of every detail
when devising our recipes, thereby guaranteeing
maximum quality and the best flavour.

Meet Pere and discover how he prepares each recipe.