How We Cook?

We cook our recipes just like you would at home, taking care of every detail to guarantee the highest quality and the best flavor of all of them.


We cook all our recipes with 100% natural ingredients.


We select the best ingredients to ensure that all our recipes are cooked with ingredients of the highest quality.


We pack our recipes hermetically and put them through our DUCHA MARÍA® , a system similar to the traditional bain-marie, to achieve the best conservation, without preservatives . Thus, all our products are preserved for a long time, without the need to add additives , and with the maximum organoleptic and nutritional guarantees.


At La Piara we cook our own recipes just like you would at home. We keep it very simple: great ingredients and minimal processing.


Thanks to our "DUCHA MARÍA®" method you can keep our recipes at hand, always ready to eat.

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