Our commitment

We have a firm commitment to both the quality of our products and the environment. We also work on initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to society and the environment.

La Piara - Compromiso


As part of our commitment to the environment, we're working hard to guarantee our containers and packaging are sustainable.

All our packaging - both aluminium cans and glass jars - is fully recyclable.

La Piara - Compromiso

Animal welfare

We're committed on guaranteeing good animal welfare practices.

Together with our suppliers, we assurance that our products have the animal welfare certification.

La Piara - Compromiso


We try to source ingredients locally as much as possible, so we can be sure of the origin of our raw materials.

In addition, we assure that the meat ingredients used in our recipes have its origin in Spain.

La Piara - Origen España
La Piara - Origen España
La Piara - Origen España
La Piara - Compromiso


We collaborate with Caritas to ensure no child goes hungry.

With our ALACENAS PROJECT, we contribute with our products to enable children and their families to have access to a varied and balanced diet.

La Piara - Compromiso
La Piara - Compromiso

Solar Panels

We have over 1,200 solar panels installed at our factory in Manlleu to prevent the release of more than 232 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

This is the equivalent of planting more than 37,350 new trees.

Our installed solar power is 530 kw/h.
Our expected annual production is 725 MW/year.

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