Creamy Cooked HAM PASTE

Creamy Cooked HAM PASTE

For a balanced diet: <br/>meat

For a balanced diet:

No added <br/>additives

No added

50% <br/>less fat*

less fat*

Neither colourings nor<br/> preservatives added

Neither colourings nor
preservatives added

Perfect in <br/>a sandwich

Perfect in
a sandwich

Creamy Cooked HAM PASTE

Creamy Cooked HAM PASTE

Gluten-Free I No Artificial Colourings I No Preservatives I Rich in Protein

Cooked ham spread, ideal for your child’s sandwich, with 50% less fat*

A classic for your child: the cooked ham sandwich. With our recipe, we make it really easy for you: select and carefully cut the best cooked ham slices and then blend them with a cream made of water, powdered skimmed milk, sunflower oil and a hint of natural aroma. The result? A recipe high in protein, perfect for your children’s sandwiches so they grow strong and healthy. (*) With 50% less fat than the weighted average amount in other unrefrigerated meat patés on the market.

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