Creamy ANCHOVY Paté

Creamy ANCHOVY Paté

For a balanced diet: <br/>fish

For a balanced diet:

100% natural <br/>ingredients

100% natural

No <br/>additives


For eating with <br/>toast or crostini

For eating with
toast or crostini

Always <br />on hand

on hand

Creamy ANCHOVY Paté

Creamy ANCHOVY Paté

Gluten free | No artificial colourings | No preservatives

All the flavour of anchovy to spread on your crostini

We love oily fish! Prepare a delicious, easy and impressive appetiser with La Piara anchovy paste. A recipe made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colourings. We select the best ingredients and mix them to achieve a smooth and creamy texture, perfect for spreading on toast, crostini or with appetisers. A delicious way to eat fish.

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