Organic Hummus with CURRY

Organic Hummus with CURRY

100% natural <br/>ingredients

100% natural

No <br/>additives


Suitable for <br/>vegans

Suitable for

Organically <br/>produced


Always <br />on hand

on hand

Organic Hummus with CURRY

Organic Hummus with CURRY

Gluten Free | No preservatives | No artificial colourings

100% natural ingredients from organic farming

Do you like curry? So do we, we love it. That’s why we’ve added curry to our Traditional Organic Hummus, to give you that characteristic exotic curry twist. To make our Hummus, we leave the chickpeas to soak in water the day before cooking, boil them and then blend them to a fine texture. We add water, a little oil and sesame, and season the mix with white pepper. Our secret? Stirring the mixture slowly, with patience and love. Enjoy this tasty, organic recipe, made with all natural ingredients and zero additives.

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